Angeli Foods, Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service!


Angeli Foods was founded in 1917 by Alfred Angeli, born in Colbasano, Italy, and is now owned and operated by third & fourth generation family members, Alfred John Angeli and Samuel Libero Angeli.

Angeli Foods began in Iron River, a small boom town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and grew into a number of successful enterprises, including a 2000 acre working farm, hotel, feed warehouse, and pet supply stores.

Alfred’s son, Libero, was an innovator in the supermarket industry and introduced frozen foods and in store bakeries to his home town of Iron River MI. Always progressive, this family-owned and operated business, with the assistance of dedicated employees, has served and supported the communities they have operated in for 100 years.


Keeping the Tradition Alive

Today, less than 1% of family owned and operated businesses survive to a fourth generation. Angeli Foods is proud to be in that group.

The Angeli family believes that the friendship and loyalty of customers and employees have been the foundation of their success. Thank you for the many years of confidence.



Alfred John Angeli

On behalf of the Angeli Family